Saturday, 9 May 2015


The abbreviation of DNS is DomainNameSystem. I think DNS is the very big change in the technology. If there is no DNS we have to remember the ip addresses of the websites it is impossible to remember more than 5 or 6 ip addresses so it is the big change in the technology. DNS will convert text into ip address before it is going to server because every web page in server has an address with out knowing that address it is not possible to retrieve the web page so DNS is very important technology.
Here I am going to tell how DNS working actually when we are sending request to server. I am taking example ,i am requested  from my system then how DNS working.
1.when i request request the nearest DNS server        (Naming Resolver) will convert into ip address.

2.It will check ip address in the cache of that DNS server(Naming Resolver) if it is found that will not go to google server instead the page in the cache will be returned to my system.

3.If my page not in the cache then it will go to the root server then it will ask do you know this ip address then it will tell to the Naming Resolver i know from which domain it is coming then it will return .com server ip address to the Naming Resolver.

4.Then Naming Resolver go the .com server we can call as top level domain server.It will tell to the Naming Resolver I know the ip address of and returns ip address of the to the Naming Resolver.

5.Then again it will go to the ip address given by top level domain server.Then it will search requested address in the second level domain server.It will find that address and returns the page in the address to the naming resolver.

                   Then that page returned to my system.This is how DNS system working.Thank you readers for reading article for getting good subject on DNS.

Thursday, 7 May 2015


As the technology is growing our body weight also growing just for fun. Wire less finger mouse is the project works on bluetooth technology.  Of coarse Wire less finger mouse is not a new technology.

This project works like same as how wireless mouse works. But we are wearing mouse to finger and also we have to charge the mouse. This just work as 6th sense as described by pranav mistry if you are not seen i am providing link below. 

Sunday, 29 March 2015


As we know Windows  10 is going to release by the Microsoft because the failure of  windows 8.
Microsoft offering Windows free to upgrade all the users.I think It is going to release in summer.
Here are some features of Windows 10.
Image result for windows10

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Installing drivers in ubuntu is very difficult. I searched so many sites and finally i solved my problem.
Don't waste time to install drivers in ubuntu.  I installed drivers in my lap yesterday.It is now easy to you don't try another commands other than these.
first open the terminal.
sudo apt-get update

sudo update-pciids

sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree

sudo reboot

sudo apt-get install <PACKAGE_NAME>

and then reboot. In the example above, the PACKAGE_NAME is linux-firmware-nonfree.

These are possible when you connected to broadband or modem.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Now i want to share my idea that why i am running this blog?.Main intension of this blog is to make the students to get a job what ever that may wheither it is private job or govt.job.Getting govt.job is very difficult but it is very easy if you have didication on particular subject.Mostly bank jobs and railway jobs are very good govt jobs .Now i would like to give some sites to get knowledge on bank on the below links.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Hi friends now i came with new topic i.e how to reset settings in ubuntu.Last time i posted that i to learn linnux administration.I learned the commands in ubuntu and  there is no os other tan ubuntu.In the process of learning commands in terminal unfortunately i typed wrong command and then totally my os crashed.Now i am using windows also i installed ubuntu by using virtual box.I hope that it is better to do experiments in terminal.When i installed ubuntu in virtual box suddenly by mistake desktop settings are changed and then i have struggled to get back to default settings.Now i am giving a command to reset settings i.e
rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity
Now restart the computer thats it.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


                              Linux administration is a beautiful coarse that has so many opportunities but it is very hard to learn but  it is easy  to learn if you put more effects  on linux administration.I surfed so many websites but i have not find good material after so much waste of time i  find one good website that provides very good basics for linux administration.
                             In this website they provided 18 tutorials.Every tutorial is important.Not only learning but also practice if you not practice you may forgot because there are so many commands we have to learn.
For example :cat,cal,date,clear,finger,history,ps,ls,grep,find,where,locate,where is etc. There are so many commands  i provided 0.1% commands.So listen tutorials and keep practice.And all the best friends.In youtube type guru99 tutorials or click on the link